October, 1487

Today is the thirteenth day since we were caught in a storm and it seems like the sky is brighten up with the sun peaking out of the thick clouds. Phew……. I guess the storm’s over. I was really worried if I would never be able to write in here. From staying in a boat that is rocking left to right every single second, I think I got seasick…… From this storm, many of our provisions were lost and the ship was damaged pretty badly. As soon as the rain lightened, I rushed out of the room and checked where we were right now. It seemed like we were blown around the southern tip of Africa. I got excited, and I dashed down to my crew’s room to tell everyone this great news. I smashed the door open, expecting them to jump up and down when they here about this great news. However, in reality, everyone was all exhausted and tired they didn’t really care where we were. It was actually the other way around, and they begged me to go back to Portugal. I was astonished and sad that my crew can no longer keep up with me, so at first I was opposing them. But soon some of my men started crying and whimpering, and others were on their knees begging me to go back to Portugal. This was very heart breaking to me but I could not convince them to continue on with our voyage so now we have to go back to our country…. I still cannot believe how this all turned out. But the odd thing is, is that part of me was happy of this news. Probably I am glad because we’ve been on the boat for weeks and months, so my body wants to stay on a land that would not shake back and forth. But still, if I can, I would stay out in this ocean until I make a new discovery or an accomplishment that no one ever made. I guess things won’t always turn out the way you want it. I guess the fact that King John II assigned me to go on to this expedition was good enough for me. Goodbye my dream, and I’m going to go back home.

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