Since the day I came back from my first-great expedition to the Gold Coast, Diogo de Azambuja is suffering with some mental health issues. I tried visiting him, but the doctor’s would not let anyone go through his hospital room. I went to the Gold Coast with him for several of months. Although I read many books about the tools that you use during an expedition, when it came to using it, I was so confused and I flustered. Then, Diogo de Azambuja came by and helped me out. That moment, to me, he looked like a god that came from heaven. From that point on, we started chatting together whenever we were bored. He was really a good friend and a good teacher; he treated me as if I was his brother. I was horrified when I heard he got some mental issues after the expedition, and I wished I could do something for him, but there was basically nothing I can do for him. However, I realized although he may not remember who I am or what we did together, I could at least visit him and become his friend forever. Then, if he gets better, I wish to go out to the sea again and find a new discovery together.

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