December 1487

The sky seems inauspicious. I swiftly check the barometer and I realize that the measurement fall down gradually compared to this morning’s measurement. We are planning to head toward south along the coast. However, the wind is blowing to north. Moreover, the strong north-flowing current makes our ships unable to go to our destination. I run to the bow of my ship and put my effort to change the route to the south. Although I cannot defeat the nature. The storm blows other two ships to the south, but this ship is heading towards to the north. All I can do is trying hard to avoid shipwreck. At the upper deck of the ship, my men start to get sick due to severe movement of the ship. They hold the masts in order to stay still, but it seems it is not working well. I wander what will happen next. All I want is safely returning to the homeland. Now, what I can do is simply watching the compass, which is keep pointing at north.

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