I think about two weeks has been passed since I was not able to control the direction of the ship. The storm is gone, though the northerly is still blowing. I go to stern of the ship to check the wind direction again. Differ from my expectation; the direction of the wind has been changed. Now, the wind is blowing westward. I dash into my room and start to calculate our current location and location of the Africa. After finding out that sailing northward is an only way to reach the land, I order my men to head toward the north. Also, I find out that my ship has rounded the southern tip of the Africa. Few hours later, my men and I finally land on a shore. O how much did I miss the texture of sand and soil! I grasp a handful of soil and start to feel it. .In the soil, I see some cattle grazing near the shore. After seeing the grazing, I decide to name this bay Cowherd Bay. Even though we search some supplies and foods, we cannot obtain enough of them. Therefore, I decided to sail little more to the east to get enough supplies. When we land on the second shore, I find some strangers are waiting. Surprisingly, they are totally naked and their skin color was as dark as the night sky. Disgusted, I stab a dark naked man. As I expected, those foreigners start to attack us. We quickly go on the ship and depart. Now, I realize that this country is not safe and we are running out of our supplies. It is necessary to return to our home country. While we are leaving Africa, I catch sight of the southernmost tip of the Africa. Now on, I decide to call it the Cape of Storm, because my crew and I suffered from the storm in order to fond this land. Now, all we have to do is safely returning to our home.

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