May, 1500

After successful trade of ivories in the Cape Verde Islands, I decide to join Pedro Cabral’s India fleet. Like Vasco da Gama’s voyage, Cabral’s voyage is also successful. Because of my navigation skills, we are able to find the “new land”, which is away from the western African coast. Shortly after recording the observations, we depart to return to Portugal. I think it is most important to report to the king Henry. When we approach near by the Cape of Good Hope, that fearsome storm attacks my ships again. However, this one is much more intense and devastating than the other one I experienced. A gigantic wave comes and engulfs few ships. Then, severe rain makes the pilot unable to see. Finally, another enormous wave attacks the ship that I am on. The mast is broken into two pieces and some parts of the keel are severely damaged. Now the ship is mostly filled salty water. What can I do? How can a ship survive without the mast? Is my life over? I cannot do anything right now. All I can do is praying.

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