This was my big day. Why? Well here’s why: This morning, I was called by King John II of Portugal and he appointed me as the leader of an expedition! I could not believe myself. I pinched my cheeks, making sure this was not a dream, and stood there speechless so King John II was worried if I was okay. He continued the story, and told me to sail around the southern most tip of Africa and make contact with a Christian ruler in the Indies called Prester John, the king of Ethiopia. The king continued on with further more detail but I was imagining what would be like leading a whole ship across the ocean, so I couldn’t catch what he said. But I just cannot believe this day would come! Since King John II chose me from all of the explorers to accomplish this task, I would have to give all of my effort and my knowledge into this new adventure. So watch me King John II! I would never betray your expectations that you gave me…….!!

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